SOOOO.....It's not just a myth !!!

Whispers of big walls somewhere near Powell River have been passed around campfires for years, no one really believed. 

Locals attempted to keep it all a secret, making up bull s*#!t stories about the difficulty of getting to Powell River. until we realized there are several lifetimes worth of new route potential here, and only a handful of us developing.  we started the whispers.


The Eldred River watershed is over 20km long, and is enclosed by an incredible array of soaring granite walls, some nearly  900m tall.  Within one stretch of the Eldred Valley there’s half a dozen huge faces between 450m and 900m tall. All along its entire length The Eldred harbours unimaginable potential for world-class rock climbing.  Unlike its famous counterpart, it remains starkly wild and untamed. 

 In 1992 Colin Dionne and Rob Richards made the first exploratory probe onto the enormous “West Main Wall”.  Rising in huge, sweeping slabs and jutting overhangs, “the Mainer” is a mile wide and nearly 900m tall.  Any wall that approaches the size of El Cap is going to be a serious undertaking.  For a pair of local climbers without a single grade VI ascent to their credit, it may as well have been El Cap.   Today the Eldred Valley has alot more developed climbing and bouldering to offer.

The Walls

West Main Wall

The West Main Wall

The West Main Wall rises 1000m above the river dominating the Eldred Valley. The Mainer is home to the Valleys oldest still unrepeated grade 6 A4 route..(FA 1993)

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History has shown this to be a tough nut to crack!  Rising more than 700m above the valley, Carag~Dur is home to only half a dozen routes.  



Another dominating Eldred feature that has been called "the finest free climbing wall in the valley" by no less an authority than Colin Dionne himself, who was on the first ascent of the lofty dome (topping out at 5000-ft) in 1999.

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West Main Buttress

This wall on the same side of the valley as Psyche Slab has just recently become the focus of local climbers, several new routes have been established in the past few years. 

West Main Buttress
Psyche Slab
Psyche Slab 
Slackers Paradise! 2000 feet slab climbing less than 10 minuets hike from the Colin Arthur Memorial Climbers Camp..
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